Preview of the Celebrity Solstice
July 8, 2008

Dailies - samples only




The Cruise Critic group

Brothers Simon and Nick Weir

Carol with Hotel Director Simon Weir

Cruise Director Nick Weir and Carol



In keeping with Celebrity's theme of making you the star, they have created the Solstice Diamonds which are exclusively available on the Solstice.  There are 86 facets featuring the appearance of a shimmering star.

The main dining room

Grand Epernay menu


Blu Menu


Murano menu




Tuscan menu

They offer a wide selection of tea.

We got to taste lots of goodies.

The gelato was yummy.


Bistro on Five menu


We got to taste some of the crepes.

Making the crepes

Some of the dessert crepes

Mike's happy!

The logo store

Sample of the cabin decor

Balcony Furniture

Nick Weir Introduces Dan Hanrahan

President / CEO Celebrity Cruises Dan Hanrahan

Director of Marketing Tom Plummer


Photos below are from Host Anne

Silk Harvest Menu


Host Anne's daughter Amanda with Nick and Simon Weir

Interactive TV


Cafe al Bacio