Pre-Inaugural Cruise on the Celebrity Edge
11/27/18 to 11/29/18

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When bookings for the new Celebrity Edge opened in March 2017, I really wanted to book one of the first cruises to be able to experience the Edge as soon as possible.  But when thinking about it, I decided that it would be more logical to pick a mid-January cruise, rather than the very first one in early December, since it would allow some time for the crew to get familiar with the new class of ship.  As I followed the construction progress on a thread, I regretted that I hadn’t booked an earlier cruise, since I couldn’t wait to see this amazing new ship class.  Then on November 1, I saw a post that the United Way was having a one-day sale for their November 27-29 pre-inaugural cruise.  With the cost for the two-day cruise being only $500 for both of us, it was a no-brainer.  Plus, the rate included parking, drinks and tips.  With it being a pre-inaugural cruise, which is primarily for executives and travel agents, it would give us the opportunity to see the different suite categories and the exclusive Retreat area. 



The Edge was docked at the brand-new terminal 25 in Fort Lauderdale.  It had just been completed a few days before this cruise.  It is a lovely terminal with curved wooden seating similar to that we would later see in the Edge’s Rooftop Garden area.  Unlike at other cruise terminals, we didn’t have to wait in line to go up to a long desk to get checked-in.  For those people like ourselves who had either used the new Celebrity app or printed out a Celebrity Xpress pass, we walked up to one of the many people standing around with tablets.  They would either scan the app on the mobile phone or the Xpress pass along with our passports, then take a photo with the tablet.  We were told that we could drop off our luggage in the cabins and pick up our room keys that were in the cabin.  The cabin doors were left open so that we could enter them.  The cabin could also be accessed by using the Celebrity app.  Quite convenient!



There are over sixty different venues on the Edge.  With only a day and a half to see and take photos of everything, I did have to rush.  As a result, I didn’t get to experience as much as I would have liked; so I can’t give opinions of all the venues; but I do have way too many photos that will hopefully help those that are going to be cruising on this amazing new ship.  The various public rooms are shown below by category.

Restaurants (Link to Menus)

Main Dining Rooms – There are four main dining rooms and a buffet to choose from.  Those that choose traditional fixed dining are assigned to a table in only one of the restaurants.  Those guests can request to go to a different dining room based on availability.  Guests who choose select dining can go to any of the four restaurants each night.  You can just go to the restaurant when you wish and hope a table is available or make reservations ahead of time.  Approximately 75% of the main dining room menus feature the same item choices each night.  The other 25% are items that are exclusive to that particular restaurant based on their theme.

Cosmopolitan Restaurant – The menu is described as new American with global influences.  It is located on deck 4. Like all the restaurants, it is tastefully decorated and a very pleasant place to eat.  I particularly like the entrance with the wine storage on both sides and bottles on the ceiling.





Cyprus Restaurant – This is the Mediterranean themed restaurant.  It is located on deck 4.




Normandie Restaurant – This deck 3 restaurant features Contemporary French cuisine for their exclusive items. The large artwork on one of the walls was taken from the Normandie Restaurant on The Celebrity Summit.  It has been cut into sections and color added to some parts.  It was nice that some of the history from that restaurant was maintained.  The case in the middle of the restaurant had some gorgeous crystal and ceramic pieces in it.






At the entrance to Normandie is alarge pendulum hanging over a compass. It is a real eye catcher. I would imagine that it would move quite a bit in high seas. 


Tuscan Restaurant – This is the Southern Italian restaurant and is located on deck 3.  I feel that it is the prettiest of the four main dining rooms.  The wood picture frame paneling is an elegant touch and it shows off the lovely artwork very well.






Oceanview Café – I really liked this buffet.  It felt very open with it being almost two floors tall with large expanses of glass on deck 14. 



There were numerous islands featuring different types of foods.  The large signs made it easy to find what you were looking for.





Near the back of the restuarant, they had a Pizza station. Not far from it was an exit to the large outdoor seating area at the aft of the ship. I think that this will be a populare eating area.


There was a nice more private seating area on the starboard side. 


At the port side entrance, there is a bank of hand washing stations, rather than attendants squirting antibiotic fluid into your hands.  It is a very nice feature; but it wasn’t used very much when I was there.  As people get familiar with it being there, it should become much more popular.

Near the entrance on the port side is Il Secondo Bacio, a smaller version of the Café al Bacio coffee bar.

Also, near the entrance of the Oceanview is Scoops ice cream station.  The hard and soft serve ice cream there is free, like on other Celebrity ships; but there is also some gelato in the cooler that has a cost. 

Main Dining Rooms for Suites/Aqua Class

Blu – This is the restaurant used by guests in Aqua Class cabins and is located on deck 5.  The menus are different from the main dining rooms.  But the main difference to me is that the room is smaller and a more intimate and personalized experience.  The Edge does not have a promenade deck; but they do use the area on deck 5 where the tenders are, for additonal restaurant seating.  With Blu being on deck 5, they are able to have a small outdoor seating area, where they have seating for 22.  I didn't get a photo of it; but from other photos I have seen, it looks like it will be a nice option.




Luminae – This is the dining room for suite guests and is located near the suites on deck 12.  This is convenient for the suite guests that are on the upper decks.  The menus are different from the main dining rooms and Blu.  It is also a smaller more intimate dining experience.





Specialty Dining Rooms (Extra Charge)

Eden Restaurant - Located in the Eden venue on deck 4, it offers a beautiful setting.  It has an open-air kitchen along with performers during the meal.  The cost is $65 per person.  The main floor of Eden is just above the restaurant, so the sounds and lights from Eden will be all around you when dining there.  They do have shows during dinner specifically for the dining guests.  There is an elevator that can be used to get down to the restaurant from deck 5 or to go up to deck 6.




Fine Cut Steakhouse - This is an upscale steak and seafood restaurant located on deck 5.  The list price is $55 per person.  There is an outdoor seating area available also.  This is made possible, since the Edge does not have a promenade deck.



Raw on Five – This is an a la carte seafood and raw bar, where the price depends on what you order.  When the Magic Carpet is positioned on deck 5, it will become an extension of the restaurant.  This allows guests to order from both the Raw on Five and Magic Carpet menus.




Le Grand Bistro/Le Petit Chef – It is designed like a French bistro, with seating both inside and outside the deck 4 restaurant.  They serve breakfast for $10 per person, lunch for $20 per person and dinner for $25 per person.  In the evening they also offer Le Petit Chef, where an animated character appears beside your plate to prepare each course.  The cost for this is $55 per person.




Rooftop Garden Grill – This is a barbecue restaurant located on deck 15 in the open garden area.  The cost is $25 per person for lunch and $45 per person for dinner.  This is just a lovely location for a restaurant, with it being part of the Rooftop Garden.  The menu also look quite scrumptious.


Magic Carpet - This is probably the most unique feature of the Edge.   It is the first cantilevered floating platform on a ship.  The Magic Carpet reaches thirteen stories above sea level and is used for numerous functions when it is on different levels.  It can be a bar, a restaurant and is the launching pad for the tenders.  I am looking forward to spending more time on the Magic Carpet on my full week cruise in January.  It is a most comfortable and unique experience for a cruise ship.




Other Dining

Café Al Bacio - This where you can purchase premium coffee and tea drinks for a fee.  They also have a nice selection of complimentary pastries.  It is located on deck 4



Eden Café - This is a complimentary venue for salads, sandwiches, paninis, beverages and casual bites.  It is on deck 5 in the forward starboard section of Eden.  It is open for both breakfast and lunch.


Grand Plaza Café - Located on deck 3 on the Grand Plaza, it offers complimentary sweet and savory items.


Mast Grill - Located on deck 14, just forward of the main pool, is the place for burgers, hot dogs, salads and sandwiches.  There is no charge for the food at the Mast Grill.  Like Mast Grills on other Celebrity ships, free soft serve ice cream was available there.  But there was only one flavor.


Spa Café and Juice Bar - Located in the Solarium on deck 14, they offer a mix of complimentary and for fee healthy snacks and juices.



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