Danube River Cruise on the AMA Waterways Amalyra

5/30/09 to 6/11/09


Dining Room Dinner Menus

Day 1




Ceps Mushroom Cappucino                     Praline of Scandinavian Salmon
                                                                   with River Crayfish Sauce

Surf and Turf Amalyra


White Mocca Mousse with Sesame Crostini


Day 2




Stuffed Chicken Breast “Marchfeld Style                Lemon Pie with Chocolate Basket   

Day 3



Kaiserhofburgsalat                                               Viener Schnitzel


Vienna Apfelsrudel


Day 4



Beef Sirloin Steak “Tyrolean Style”


Day 5




Day 6




Tranches of Lambleg                                         German Griessflammerie

Day 7




   Grilled Beef Strips in Cognac Pepper Sauce                       AMA Waterways Surprise                   


Dining Room Lunch Menus

Day 4


Day 6


Day 7



Piccata Milanese


Bar Menu (Prices in Euros)











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